About Us

The biggest question we have received since launching Surge4 – Why the 4?

It all started with the “Core Four” — the four components of marketing that we consider integral to a strong campaign.

From there, the idea of “4” took hold in our minds and Surge4 was born.

4-Step Process


We combine market research with extensive knowledge of your brand.


We put together versatile, dynamic plans based on your needs.


We implement strong ideas utilizing a cross-platform approach.


We help you experience organic and lasting company growth.

Our 4 Points of Pride


From start to finish, we are 100% invested in helping you and working with you as much as possible to create a successful, lasting impact.


Our approach allows us to offer exactly what you need to grow your brand, no matter how unique or specific your ideas are.


We are never afraid to shake things up. Whether it’s adopting a new strategy or re-thinking the way a product is marketed, we are constantly challenging the status quo.


We love to think big, and we support crazy ideas. We want to see your idea reach its full potential, and we will find creative ways to make it happen.

The Surge4 Squad

Edgar Walker
Co-Founder, CEO


Jack Wohlfert
Co-Founder, President