Welcome To Surge4

After months of planning and preparation, we’re excited to announce the official launch of Surge4.com — a new digital marketing firm specializing in web design and social media strategy.

So who are we? And what do we do?

We are a full-service digital marketing firm, focusing mainly on helping local or emerging brands establish a strong web presence. Whether that means a new website, a fun new social media strategy, or optimal ad placement, we are committed to helping brands grow and develop into their full potential.

Based out of Chapel Hill, N.C., we utilize a diverse network of talented contributors to both strategize and produce the content that we deliver to our valued clients. One of our primary goals is to connect emerging brands with savvy, driven contributors — and vice versa.Edgar brainstorm

With our unique approach and content production model, we are able to keep rates low, deliver high-quality work in a timely fashion, and help reach a community through digital, web-based campaigns.

A Brief Surge4 History

Our co-founders (Edgar Walker and Jack Wohlfert) both have extensive experience in the digital marketing field; Edgar with a public relations/branding background and Jack with a strong web design portfolio. In January 2014, the two met and decided to form a partnership, offering a comprehensive approach to digital marketing.

Over the next few months, the idea grew. The “Surge4” name stuck after weeks of (stressful) brainstorming, the company philosophy was established, and people began to buy into the idea. In May 2014, the first members of our “Surge4 Family” signed on, and a three-month test launch during Summer 2014 followed.

The Next Step

As our Surge4 Family continues to grow, so will we.

We continue to reach out to potential contributors, interface with industry experts, and look into new digital tools and technology on a daily basis. In an ever-changing digital landscape, we strive to stay one step ahead of the competition and seek innovative solutions to common marketing dilemmas.

While maintaining day-to-day operations, we are also always looking into development of new software, new manipulations of established digital platforms, and dynamic alternatives to many of the industry’s static and archaic approaches.IMG_6066

Learn More

We could write thousands of words about Surge4: our philosophy, our background, our aspirations for the company, the lessons we’ve learned the past few months…and so much more.

Instead of doing that, we invite you to dig around our website, check out some of our past work, or simply reach out and get in contact with us.

We hope that some of these resources will help you see what we’re all about:
About || What We Do || Portfolio || Why Surge4?

Thanks for your support. We’re pumped to get started cialis 20mg vidal.

— Edgar Walker
— Jack Wohlfert
Co-Founders, Surge4 LLC

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Edgar WalkerEdgar Walker

Edgar Walker - @Edgar_Walker

Co-Founder/CEO, Surge4. Entrepreneur and social media specialist with extensive experience in the basketball industry. Born and raised in Baltimore, currently living the dream in Chapel Hill, N.C. Self-proclaimed sock connoisseur.